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and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. this is ktvu channel two news at six. only on two tonight we speak to kevin collins mother and sister says police officially named a person of interest in his disappearance nearly 30 years ago. the disturbing details please share today about a man who they say it may be involved.
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good evening everyone. >> i am julie and her san francisco police say man with a history of kidnapping and molesting children is a person of interest in the kevin collins kidnapping case and he was questioned about the disappearance of 10 -year-old kevin collins 1984 and investigators say they recently discovered the same man has been arrested in san francisco two years earlier under the name, wayne jackson and spent six months in jail for felony lewd acts on a child. basso learned he was on the run from police in canada and under another name. >> he was wanted in canada under the name of raymond williams stuart for 1973 incident when he kidnapped and sexually assaulted two juveniles. >> he died in san francisco 2008 of natural causes. last week investigators dug up the home in the garage where he lived in 1984
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and they say small bone fragments found there appear to be those of animals. semi- cold case investigators say they're leaving this information on how they get new leads in the case. that is something that could bring closure to kevin collins family that watch today's please press conference. only on two, live tonight in hayward where we spoke to kevin's mother shortly afterward. mike westmark >> reporter: and collins said there where thousands of leads back in 1984 and inspectors to the best they could and when she said they showed her the picture of the person of interest she said anger that we haven't felt since began to resurface again. >> the guy got away with murder. and they have never had to face a court of law and almost anything that he did apparently. and and collins says she does not know [indiscernible].
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but her two daughters say that they let the killers slip through their hands. >> he lived right across the street from the church, what a missed opportunity, looking back obviously. and i believe that they did the best they could with what they had. >> i had questions about what happened in the early eighties and why there wasn't more follow-up. >> reporter: i sat down with a three and they do not recognize the man of interest, the manhood of february 1984 just lived [indiscernible] from the home and today the three women spoke to me about the case in the photo. >> the biggest thing to me is that they moved after all these years from a missing persons case to a homicide. >> reporter: and kevin collins was last seen nearly 29 years ago and now i person of interest that we can >> it means nothing to any of us. hopefully it will mean something to somebody.
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out there. the remember something. >> reporter: that is what the family is hoping that a picture that could possibly spark a memory. live tonight in hayward, ktvu channel two is. >> he will find more on today's press conference on ktvu .com and we reported last night on the news us that she was only reported there where homicide detectives spoke to the family about what they learned. a discovery of a 13 -year-old girl's body is officially a homicide investigation. and [indiscernible] in fairfield where investigators are getting help from the department of justice to follow this case. >> reporter: today please let released limited information but they did read a letter for the 13 -year-old girl whose body was found in this part. >> reporter: police announced 13 -year-old janel, allen's death as a homicide of their working with the fbi and the department of
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justice. >> we went to catch the people responsible. >> reporter: she was reported missing last thursday less than 24 hours later her naked body was found in the spark in fairfield police will take how she died. today we went to the area where investigators say she was last seen. there are several surveillance cameras in that area that one capture this picture of her reign wearing the speak backpack. >> i saw those pictures and another little girl. >> i am the parent of a daughter and this is the worst nightmare that that family is living through and my condolences go out to them. >> reporter: today fairfield please read a statement from her family that will save it is from her biological her foster family she was staying with the reported her missing. >> this is a devastating travis -- tragedy in this community and for the family and [indiscernible] a-determia-determi ner memorial site we are grateful for the love and support. >> reporter: although investigators and i was seen information about suspect they're telling parents to review basic safety tips of
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their children mike traveling in groups and screaming as they are confronted by a stranger. >> anything that a child can do to attract attention will hopefully alleviate another tragedy from happening. >> reporter: now fairfield police have set up a 24 hour tip line if you know anything about this you are to give them a call and this part of the community will come together at the park and gather a memorial at a candlelight vigil for janel. live ktvu channel two is. the da office says the san jose police officer was justified in using deadly force against an unarmed man. the sergeant shot and killed 32 -year-old [indiscernible] after police say he ran a police car with his car in october 2011. police say officers try to stop the man with lasers. it was later determined that he was under the influence of mass. in palo alto it was so looking for a man who tried to grab an 11 -year-old girl pretty girl told
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police she was riding a bike along emerson street and the man try to grab her arm. what you are looking at is a sketch of the suspect investigators say the man yelled he was going to kidnap her and the girl says she screamed and got away. palo alto police are adding extra patrols to that area. troubled comedian katt williams made it to court sacrament of the 51 -year-old did not enter a plea, for allegedly evading police on a three wheeled vehicle last november. gases include the accused of slapping an employee at a target store in woodland. williams onstage meltdown in oakland also made headlines. his attorney claims his client missed his court hearing in california while trying to keep custody of children. seven people where hurt when a cable car came to a sudden stop after hitting something on the tracks it happened after 10:00 o'clock this morning at at washington upholstery. the car was carrying 40 people and akin to a sudden stop on nob hill. the cars conductor it's group
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managed five passengers where hurt and it appears there was a bolt that was on the track that caused that accident. a two alarm fire caused extensive damage in the home in a heavily wooded section of berkeley hills. the news chopper two was overhead and firefighters say the fire was mainly on the home's second and third floors it took them less than an hour to put up the flames no other homes where damaged and no injuries where reported. investigators say it appears the space you are left. that sparked the flames. a beautiful day today but it changes on the way her chief meteorologist bill martin they look at some rain. >> it has been a couple of weeks as we have seen anything that resembled rain and we will it as we head into thursday, showers are back in the forecast and it will look like this tomorrow. it is not a big system. as a- the bay area it is going to deposit anywhere from half an inch or a quarter inch of rain to lessen that.
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so slight chance of thunderstorms as well. here is a system as it looks on storm tracker two is heated up north of us. the radars radar is picking up something by eureka but this is the main system and starts pushing and as we get into the next 12 hours or so and will have an impact on the morning commute and it will linger into friday as well. so we will talk about that but i will you back here in a few minutes of the timeline for how long this rain will last and what the weekend will look like. an update on a story we first told you about last month. his san francisco apartment building, filthy and moldy and a target of a city attorney lawsuit. we are live in san francisco where we return to the apartment to if anything has changed. rob? >> reporter: julie, the san francisco attorney has filed a lawsuit against the landlord of this building on church street. at building we told you about last month where tenants are living in conditions they called disgusting.
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>> deplorable. deplorable. >> reporter: that is how the city attorney describes 308 church street where eunice renfro to $1200 a month. three weeks ago ... i'd saw showers that did not drain, rotting pipes and mold, lots of mold. that is why the city is suing the landlord for potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> we had every intention of ensuring that the property owner complied with the law and bring this building up to code. >> i have [indiscernible] [indiscernible] by admitting that i want to also corrected. >> reporter: the landlord said [indiscernible] needs improvement but the hallway was cleaner and freshly painted. >> i'm trying to replace shower curtains and shower doors. >> subtenants noticed a difference. >> reporter: what was the problem? >> the [indiscernible] and the kitchen in the pipes. and [indiscernible]
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>> reporter: some have not been addressed. the mold we showed you last month, the landlord whose family owns a restaurant says he has made some repairs the building inspectors have not approved much of the work. the landlord says he has hired a contractor. >> reporter: d.phil. you should have knowledge to get to this point? >> it came onto me so fast. >> reporter: the landlord says he met with the city attorney's office this afternoon to work out a timeline for bringing the building up to code and san francisco building inspectors say they will be back. reporting live in san francisco, rob [indiscernible] ktvu channel two news. avery county oyster farmers fighting to stay open. drakes bay oyster company filed an appeal in san francisco. the government is evicting the oyster farm from the national seashore. your call on monday a judge not a request to overturn the addiction and refused to allow the company to operate while the lawsuit against the government desert.
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the farm must leave by march 15th. the city council has been the [indiscernible] supply to the legions, but with a twist, those that attend city council meetings will have the option of taking part in a moment of silence during the p ledge. the council voted last night to allow both options rather than eliminate the pledge entirely from its meetings. councilman marc freedman who had opposed getting rid of it says some people object to the phrase, under god. >> profits jumped 25 percent the last three months of the year as consumers draft of holiday spending. the foster city -based company processes credit and debit card transactions in the company reported net income of $1.3 million but of the wall street estimates. these are shares -- these are shares 1 percent in after-hours trading. and [indiscernible] which is based in emeryville announced its profits exploded last year the maker of the leaf patentability toys said it earned 86 and
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a half million dollars in 2012. that is? afourfold increase from the previous year the company made a profit of nearly $20 million. coming at new details about a camel that tied up traffic on the bay area roadway. where he is now, how he is recovering at what is being done to stop them from escaping again. >> let's hope he is not out again today. bay area hospitals hit with some [indiscernible] to serious medical mistakes that proved deadly in some cases. first come after the break, three people shot dead in a quiet community what police are revealing about a possible motive. >> jwwñ
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new information tonight about the motive behind yesterday's troubleshooting and sonoma county. authorities say fatal shooting [indiscernible] from a botched marijuana deal the victims where found
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inside a bedroom of a home off of highway 116 air force bill. activesync the man arranged to buy a large quantity of marijuana from another party. only triple homicide is unusual for that small community, authorities say marijuana related crime is not. >> most of our violent crime is related to marijuana and the theft of marijuana and the growing of marijuana. support -- the authorities have released the names of the victims they are [indiscernible] of boulder colorado and richard [indiscernible] of new york. no arrests have been made in the killings. a woman charged as an accessory to the murder of a wealthy businessman is pleading not guilty. according to the attorney of [indiscernible] prosecutors say they plan to conceal the evidence against her on friday. she is charged in connection with the murder of 66 rolled [indiscernible] during a robbery at his home last november. three men also have been charged in the killing. it is a site you don't
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everyday. our cameras caught some cowboys trying to corral a camel. that's right, a camel on the loose in concorde. they brought traffic to a standstill took hours to capture. we are live in concorde tonight with measures the owners taking to try to keep that camel secure. christian? >> reporter: take a look behind me might be able to the traffic is able to move through this area, this is the area where the camel was yesterday. today, this afternoon, i spoke with the camel's caretaker and he assures me that the camel is behind the fence and a holding pen was 70 tall walls and he is drinking lots of water and recovering from yesterday's excitement. >> through the 20 hours after he escaped this afternoon the cattle company to speak with bill the camel's caretaker and chopper two flew over the ranch and saw several exotic animals on the site the caretaker said the large animal
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veterinarian checked him out this morning and gave him a clean bill of health. he broke 3 cents yesterday and made all the way to bailey road where according to the california highway patrol a broken down motorists spotted him and called it in. and it drew traffic to a standstill into the front yard. >> and [indiscernible] lives next door and said until recently there where two camels and on occasion she takes the grandkids of the hill to watch them graze. >> i have never seen him on the road so i don't think about it. i've always seen him on the other side of the fence. but i guess they got out somehow. and they got on the way of the cars. >> reporter: animal services officers say they have dealt the camel before and the camel has broken out twice yesterday making it to the roadway. >> livestock or an animal this large can cause significant damage to a vehicle. [indiscernible] [indiscernible] [indiscernible]
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>> reporter: this afternoon i the animal services officer with the owners where cited and they said the owners where not cited but they will be issued a violation warning notice for having an animal at large. live in concorde ktvu channel two news. >> three hospitals are among seven the state hit with hefty fines today by the health department. santa clara, valley medical center was fined hundred thousand dollars over delay of emergency treatment for a patient who later died. st. mary's medical center in san francisco received fines totaling hundred $75,000 in one case a patient under anesthesia was improperly monitored and later died. and uc san francisco was fined $200,000 with two incidents and equipment was left inside a patient. >> it is a requirement that hospitals report what is called adverse events and these are serious events that could be a retained foreign objects they
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pressure ulcer a medication issue. >> hospitals now have 10 days to appeal the fines. home depot is hiring as a gets ready for its busiest season. and it needs about 1500 workers at its three bay area stores this spring. nationwide home depot is hiring 80,000 employees. the company says military veterans, retirees and students are encouraged to apply. a ban on [indiscernible] bags across the county the ordinance would ban retail stores from giving away plastic and paper bags bags the ban does not apply to [indiscernible] and nonprofit organizations a similar regulation is effective here in alameda county where merchants charge customers for single use bags. >> we have weather headed our way cool system, a colder system and snow levels will be down. let me show you what it looks like on live storm tracker, we these clouds is basically is
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cumulus clouds and is moving over [indiscernible] the ocean and it is cold this time of year so the fact that in the fetus coming off the ocean to create cumulus clouds tells you that that there is. cool and moving in our direction. clouds to the north of us and they will fill in tonight by tomorrow morning, computer model and moving to the rest of the bay area, with the mid morning commute, tamara borsch hours return, on a scale of one to 10, looks like it is a five. had he think about [indiscernible] nines and tens we saw earlier this year and this storm is kind of opening, it is a shot real quick, that is not what we need. and upper fifties and low sixties and thursday and friday, the cold air, big cumulus clouds mean mean cold air, drops our temperatures and thursday and friday are very cool by saturday
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morning where looking at so frosty overnight lows because when the night gets clear that cold air is going to be lingering and here is a computer model will take you to friday and there is a morning commute and this is fairly close and it will be somewhere in this area and in the late commute, or early afternoon, you're going to showers moving through of towards cleveland and out towards [indiscernible] and part of tomorrow night's commute, and the next wave, stronger dynamics, and this is a chance friday at 3:00 a.m. in the morning, or 4:00 a.m. when may a thunder shower something like that. so we have clearing skies as you head into friday and saturday morning and sunday, we will look for some pretty nice weather in the forecast high tomorrow will a drop in temperature and not in the low fifties or sixties but mid- fifties and low fifties and the
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five-day forecast in the week in review, sometimes when we get to the first one opens it up for a bunch more and there is nothing behind this. >> coming up on news of seven, we will take you back out to [indiscernible] was the cause of today's cable car crash has been determined and papers filed today that may soon have some basketball fans in northern california lamenting a big loss. join us at 7:00 o'clock on tv 36. the stars of the links at pebble beach coming up the celebrity antics and the big climax to today's play at the at&t pebble beach pro am. >> prank with sports, mark is
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often at the waters in oklahoma city are taking on the big boys and the sounds like they're getting killed. >> we move onto david lee who is the first warriors all-star and [indiscernible] made it back in 1997 he is known for scoring and rebounding but now he is giving his longtime friend and assess. m [ [indiscernible]
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group within the st. louis offense and he became a two-time cancer survivor and he was in oakland last week to promote his public journey, us against cancer program that helps other cancer victims and the elves by donating generous 15 dollars to the charity for every warriors victory this season and it gives him a reality check. >> sometimes when you're in a two-game losing s treak, and you're coming in late in the have? agame the next day and you're tired, it is going to be a tough day tomorrow but to realize everybody has their own challenges. and [indiscernible] is very close to me i grew up with him, he is one of my best friends and he has held his head high and he is an inspiration for everybody. >> he studied every night and i would cheat off of him. so yeah, i would say that. >> pebble beach is the place to watch celebrities try to golf while pga players pretend not d istracted.
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and several showed of the sure, bill murray, does not look like this when he won this tournament with his [indiscernible] and there is a charity and huey lewis came up when he [indiscernible] on the 18th hole and that was some kind of wonderful. >> team usa in the final opener of their world cup qualifying, [indiscernible] garcia ties it with a beautiful [indiscernible] kick and honduras has another goal to win it. that is juan carlos garcia. we will you tonight. >> thank you. thank you for watching ktvu two news we're all here for you @-at-sign ktvu .com and mobile ktvu and we also talked about a private karaoke brown suspected that used for something more than singing, tonight are the 10:00 o'clock news we explore what bay area citizens are doing to prevent such activities are
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happening inside those private karaoke rooms. we will you at 10:00 o'clock. >> thank you for joining us. [music] >>

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